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After Years of service and installations in the refrigeration and equipment Industries, We think that the only way to get the project completed is to give it all of our attention.

This is the reason why we project manage our jobs. Getting all the details from the beginning with the architects and general contractors, asking questions like, "Where are the floor drains for the Walk in Cooler?" to an obvious question like "Who is doing the electrical?" You would be surprised how often these "small" details are missed.

Seeing the entire project from the very beginning, from the design, installation to the finished project will help limit the delays and lost revenue

Ever constructed your new building and all you did was fight with all the trades? What was the reason why there were so many issues?

Hearing for years that "Other" refrigeration and electrical contractors did this and did that, really made us focus on our customers problems and concerns. How many times have you called for service and a technician handed you a bill and said "It's running now"? Was it a "Band Aid" repair or was it actually fixed?

So, what exactly did they do? Most people are lost and frustrated when a Equipment Service technician talks over there head, which is usually the case. That's the reason why when we work on a project or a piece of equipment, we take the time to explain what it is and what we did.


With the extreme lack of experienced service technicians in the field. Customers are left with a unit that goes down every year and a large invoice. Why? the technician probably has a basic understanding of refrigeration and probably works for a company that has electrical, heating, cooling, refrigeration, plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal and whatever other catchy phase they can think of pasted on the side of there trucks? sound familiar?

Seeing what typically happens in the industry has left the public with a bad feeling about refrigeration and equipment service companies. Our goal is to break that stereo type and show you and your establishment that there are still honest hard working people that care.


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