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Medical, Laboratory and Environmental Manufacturer List


We proudly work with industry leading manufacturers and dealers of medical and environmental Refrigeration and Lab Equipment to provide you with expert service, maintenance and installations. These are just some of the quality manufacturers we currently work with.

Medical, Lab, Scientific Equipment and Refrigeration


Revco makers of laboratory refrigeration equipment Labconco makers of biological saftey cabinets and freeze dryers  
  CSZ NUAIRE Laboratory Equipment makers of biological saftey cabinets, ultra low temperature freezers and freeze dryers Hotpack  
    Bemco Forma   Binder    
    RTF Yamato Scientific   So Low    
    Thermo New Brunswick
Puffer Hubbard    
Fisher Scientific Shel lab   Kelvinator    
    Panasonic Barnstead Lab Line   Percival    
    Jewett Tenney   TPS    
    Test Equity Ice-O-matic   Masterbilt    
    Baker Espec   Aegis    
    Powers Scientific Scotsman   Mccall    

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